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Ravenswood Budget Report 2016 - Legislative Report

Report to the Legislature, the Department of Finance, and the Legislative Analyst's Office: Ravenswood Budget Report.
California Department of Education
Report to the Legislature, the Department of Finance, and the Legislative Analyst’s Office:
Ravenswood Budget Report
Executive Summary

The Ravenswood Budget Report is required by the Budget Act of 2015–16, Item 6100-161-0001, Provision 14. This report updates the planned use of additional special education funds provided to the Ravenswood City School District (District) pursuant to the Emma C. et al v. Delaine Eastin et al settlement agreement. This report also provides the best estimate by the California Department of Education (CDE) of when supplemental funding will no longer be required.

Planned Use

The supplemental funds are used for salaries and benefits, consultant costs, District operating costs, and Court Monitor costs associated with the settlement agreement.

Continuing Need

The CDE expects a continuing need for supplemental funding as the District is unlikely to certify completion of all remaining RSIP requirements during the 2015–16 fiscal year. The Court Monitor has advised the CDE to anticipate responsibility for $1,480,000 in 2016–17.

If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact Alison Greenwood, Administrator, Special Education Division, by phone at 916-445-4602 or by e-mail at

Ravenswood Budget Report (DOC)

Questions: Alison Greenwood | | 916-445-1056 
Last Reviewed: Friday, May 6, 2016
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