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Size And Scope

Of Special Education Local Plan Areas as approved by the State Board of Education at the November 17-18, 1983 meeting.

The county superintendent of schools shall submit to the Superintendent of Public Instruction a description of how districts within the county intend to develop special education local plans (Education Code 56140).

The following standards are to be used by the county and districts to determine if they are of sufficient size and scope to qualify as a Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) (Education Code 56195.1). 1

In addition to being of sufficient size and scope to qualify as a SELPA, the SELPA shall cooperate with the Office of the County Superintendent of Schools and other school districts in the geographic area in order to assure that the SELPA is compatible with other SELPAs in the county, as required by Education Code (EC) Section 56195.3. 2

A region may not become a SELPA without approval of the SELPA by the county superintendent or a decision of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to overrule the disapproval of the county superintendent of schools, pursuant to EC Section 56140.

Metropolitan Areas

A metropolitan area is defined as an area that has a pupil population density of 200 pupils or more per square mile. Population density is computed by dividing total number of K-12 pupils in the SELPA by the square miles to determine number of pupils per square mile. All SELPAs in metropolitan areas shall have comprehensive special education programs. A county superintendent of schools may allow a minimum of contract services for low-incidence programs with justification, in addition to utilizing State Special School programs for low-incidence sensory-handicapped pupils.

Single-District SELPAs

A single district must have kindergarten through 12 grades and 30,000 or more pupils

Multi-District or District-County SELPAs

Method One:

Method Two:

Method Three:

Non-Metropolitan Areas

Population density of less than 200 pupils per square mile

Single-District (Non-Metropolitan Area) SELPAs

In a non-metropolitan area, a single-district plan shall have:

Multi-District, District-County, Multi-County SELPAs (Non-Metropolitan Areas)

All contracts for low-incidence programs shall contain the clause that neither party may cancel the contract without a 12-month notice or upon mutual agreement of all parties to the contract.

Note: While the State Board of Education-adopted standards specifically address kindergarten through twelve grades, it is important to note that SELPAs are responsible for planning and coordinating services for all children with disabilities birth to twenty-two years of age.

1 EC Section changed pursuant to AB1115, Chapter 78, Statute of 1999
2 EC Section changed pursuant to AB602, Chapter 854, Statute of 1997

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