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California Accountability & Improvement System (CAIS)

CAIS is a web-based support system used to review school plans and monitor compliance documentation for schools (public and non-public), districts, and county offices that receive funding for certain programs.

Log-on Information

Access to California Accountability and Improvement System (CAIS) External link opens in new window or tab. is limited to appropriate use managed by the CAIS support team. LEAs may request access, training, and assistance with the use of CAIS by contacting the appropriate program contact, who serves as the system administrator.


CAIS Fact Sheets are designed for current users. For program specific CAIS training opportunities, please refer to the appropriate Program Contact.

Fact Sheet 1: How to add Users (PDF; Posted 22-Nov-2013)
This document is designed for CAIS administrators and describes how to add users to existing local educational agencies.

Fact Sheet 2: How to Upload Documents (PDF; Posted 22-Nov-2013)
This document describes how to upload documents to program instrument items.

Fact Sheet 3: How to Upload Documents to Resolve Findings (PDF; Posted 22-Nov-2013)
This document describes how to upload responsive documents to resolve findings following a monitoring review.

Fact Sheet 4: How to Request a Resolution Agreement (PDF; Posted 22-Nov-2013)
This document describes how to request a resolution agreement (not to exceed 225 calendar days from the last day of a review) following a monitoring review.

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Program Contacts

Program Name Description of Use Office Name Staff Phone Number E-mail
Charter Schools Collect and analyze documentation required by the memoranda of understanding between the CDE and the State Board of Education authorized charter schools.

Charter Schools Division N/A 916-322-6029
Federal Program Monitoring (FPM)

Monitor federal categorical and state mandated areas of responsibility (representing 19 programs) of LEAs.

Federal Program Monitoring Office N/A 916-319-0935
Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in Corrective Action – Evidence of LEA Plan Implementation Submit evidence of LEA Plan implementation to the CDE.

District Innovation and Improvement Office Clement Mok 916-319-0940
Local Educational Agency (LEA) Planning Design, implement, and monitor an integrated LEA Plan to increase student learning using the planning tools.

District Innovation and Improvement Office Janice Morrison 916-319-0259
School Improvement Grant (SIG) Integrate implementation monitoring, SPSA, and improvement planning for Cohort 2 SIG grantees. Also used for Cohort 1 fiscal quarterly reporting.

School Turnaround Office N/A 916-319-0833
Special Education, Interagency-Nonpublic Schools and Agencies (IA-NPS/A)

Collect and monitor annual NPS/A certification applications and Self-Reviews conducted by the NPSs. IA-NPS/A N/A 916-327-0141
Title III: Year 2 and 4 Improvement Plans Local educational agencies upload their Title III Year 2 and Year 4 Improvement Plans to the California Accountability and Improvement System (CAIS) to fulfill the requirements of ESEA, Sections 3122(b)(2)(4). Language Policy and Leadership Office Lilia Sanchez 916-319-0265
Questions:   Federal Program Monitoring Office | | 916-319-0935
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