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AAV Instructional Materials & the Adoption Process

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This Web page represents an accessible alternative version of a Power Point presentation about the Instructional Materials and the Adoption Process (PPT; 188KB; 23 Slides). The presentation is an attachment to the information memorandum : Instructional Materials in California: An Overview of Standards, Curriculum Frameworks, Instructional Materials Adoptions, and Funding (DOC; 96KB; 13pp.).

For complete information, visit the Instructional Materials Adoptions General Information Web page.

Presented by:

Thomas Adams, Director
Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division

Instructional Materials Adoption Process

The following is a text version of a flowchart showing the sequence of major components of California's Instructional Materials Adoption Process. From the time samples of programs are submitted by publishers for evaluation, approximately six months elapse before final adoption action is taken by the State Board of Education.

  1. Framework and Criteria adopted by the State Board of Education
  2. “Invitation to Submit” Meeting
  3. Instructional Materials Advisory Panel (IMAP) and Content Review Panel (CRP) appointed by the State Board.
  4. IMAP and CRP are trained Publishers program presentations
  5. IMAP/CRP Deliberations
  6. IMAP/CRP Report of Findings
  7. Curriculum Commission holds public hearings and finalizes recommendations
  8. Required 30-day Public Display
  9. Public Hearing before the State Board of Education
  10. State Board Adopts Materials
  11. Price Lists and Order Forms put on the Web
  12. Districts begin ordering programs

Framework and Criteria

Invitation to Submit

IMAP and CRP appointed by the State Board

IMAP/CRP Training

IMAP/CRP Deliberations

IMAP/CRP Report Developed

Curriculum Commission

Required 30-day Public Display

Public Hearing before the State Board of Education

State Board Adopts Materials

Price Lists and Ordering

The Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology (CSMT)

The Importance of the California Market

Instructional Materials Funding

Questions: State Board of Education | 916-319-0827 
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