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Instructions for Grades 9-12 Standards Maps

Instructions for completing grades 9-12 standards maps.


Until recently, publishers were required to submit State Board of Education (SBE) adopted standards maps to local education agencies so that school districts could ascertain the extent to which instructional materials in grades nine through twelve aligned with the content standards adopted by the SBE. The statutory requirement for publishers to provide these completed standards maps to districts free of charge is no longer in effect. However, publishers are still encouraged to complete the standards map templates by citing where their materials align with the content standards.

The Instructional Materials Funding Realignment Program (IMFRP) (Education Code Section 60422) created in 2003 requires Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) to adopt standards-aligned instructional materials for kindergarten through grade twelve. These templates provide a valuable tool for LEAs in their review and adoption of instructional materials.

The California Department of Education (CDE) has provided downloadable standards maps for History-Social Science, Science, Mathematics, and Reading/English Language Arts/English Language Development for instructional materials for grades nine through twelve. The instruction pages for publishers and the local school agencies identify roles and responsibilities of publishers and LEAs.

Responsibilities of Publishers in Completing Standards Alignment
Role of LEAs in Determining Standards Alignment
Completing the Standards Map

Publishers fill in the header for each grade level map with the publisher's name, the program's title, list of components (and abbreviations used, such as, PE for pupil edition), and grade level(s) of the program. Publishers should have also completed columns four and five. The following is the information provided in each column of the standards maps:

Nine through twelve Local Education Agencies should also complete the following sections of the document:

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