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Assembly Bill 2448 Program Summary

Program summary information about the AB 2448 Regional Occupational Centers and Programs Accountability and Reform Act.


In the 2006 legislative session, Assembly Bill (AB) 2448 was sponsored by the California Department of Education and carried by Assembly member Hancock. The bill was the first major reform legislation for Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (ROCPs) to be passed in more than 20 years. The bill was ultimately signed into law and the Career and Workforce Innovations Unit is taking the leadership in developing the statewide Implementation Plan for its many components.


AB 2448 calls for a major shift in the targeted student population for ROCPs from adults to high school students. In addition, approximately 20 other changes were made to the delivery system, among them, hearings for articulation of courses, business and industry advisory boards, under-16 comprehensive CTE student plans, and CDE monitoring. The Career and Workforce Innovations Unit staff planned and organized the rollout of the Implementation Plan during the 2007-08 fiscal year.  


The most significant outcome for California‘s ROCPs will be the reduction, over the next five years, of the adult student population to 10 percent of each ROCP’s total enrollment. Additionally, the sequencing of courses will be a significant task for each ROCP to accomplish within their community college jurisdictions. Program monitoring by the Career and Workforce Innovations Unit will also be a major component which will be required by the Career and Workforce Innovations Regional Consultant staff.


AB 2448 contained no funding for the California Department of Education to carry out its provisions. Through the Career and Workforce Innovation Unit’s Regional Consultants, the requirements of the legislation will be accomplished through the federal Carl D. Perkins grant.

Students Served

Approximately 460,000 students are served each year by the 74 ROCPs in California's public school system. The requirements contained in AB 2448 will ultimately affect all of them.

Contact Information

AB 2448, The ROCP Accountability and Reform Act Program is administered by:

Lloyd McCabe, Ed.D, Education Administrator I

Career Technical Education Leadership and Instructional Support Office
Career and College Transition Division
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Suite 4202
Sacramento, CA 95814

Questions:   Michelle Oliveira | | 916-319-0675
Last Reviewed: Monday, August 18, 2014

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