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SACS Minutes, November 2012, Attachment D

This document is Attachment D to the Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) Forum meeting minutes for November 6, 2012.
Revise Fund Forms

Expenditures by Object worksheet:

Expenditures by Object worksheet and
Expenditures by Function worksheet:

Restricted Detail worksheet:

Form 09—Charter Schools Special Revenue Fund (modified accrual basis of accounting)
Beginning in the SACS2012 software, inactivated Fund 09 for separately reporting charter schools only, effective 2012–13, because a separately reporting charter school should report a general fund and not a special revenue fund. These changes do not apply to COEs or districts that use Fund09 to report their charter schools within their own financial statements.

Revise Supplemental Forms

Form CASH—Cashflow Worksheet

Budget Year (1) worksheet only.  Budget column, Sections B. Receipts and C. Disbursements:  Modify to no longer allow key entry and to instead extract general ledger data from Fund 01, General Fund/County School Service Fund.  If Fund 01 general ledger data does not exist, then Fund 62, Charter Schools Enterprise Fund, general ledger data will extract

Form CEFB—Components of Ending Fund Balance
Funds 61–73—Revise object descriptions due to the implementation of GASB63:

Form GANN—Appropriations Limit Calculations.

Forms MYP/MYPI—Multiyear Projections

Form NCMOE—No Child Left Behind Maintenance of Effort

Form RL/RLI—Revenue Limit Summary

Update revenue limit deficit factors and modify related TRCs accordingly.

Revise Criteria and Standards

Forms 01CS/01CSI—Criteria and Standards Review—Budget and Interim

Technical Review Checks—New
Technical Review Checks—Revise

Modify check severity from warning to fatal.  For funds 61–73 only, modify check to look for imported/keyed asset amounts only in objects 94XX, Capital Assets. This check was added to the SACS2012 software to verify if capital assets amounts are imported and/or keyed, then capital asset supplemental data (Form ASSET) should be provided.


Modify check to also run for actual type data. This fatal check was added to the SACS2012 software to flag Fund 09 activity in any object except objects 9791, 9793, and 9795 for separately reporting charter schools, effective 2012–13. Applies to separately reporting charter schools only. In the SACS2014 software, this check will be modified to flag fund 09 data for all objects.


Modify check severity from warning to fatal. This check was added to the SACS2012 software to verify Object 9790 (Unrestricted Net Position) in restricted resources is zero or negative, by resource, in funds 61 through 73.


Modify check description to replace “Components of Ending Fund Balance/Net Assets” with “Components of Ending Fund Balance / Net Position,” due to the GASB63:

Revise Reports

Reports CNVRT/ENTRY/GSA/GSNA—Government-wide Reports
Revise due to the implementation of GASB63:

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