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Arts, Music, and Physical Education Grant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about how the Arts, Music and Physical Education Grant is affected by the flexibility provisions from education trailer bill Senate Bill 4 of the 2009-10 Third Extraordinary Session (SBX3 4).

Note: Please refer to the Fiscal Issues Relating to Budget Reductions and Flexibility Provisions guidance letter for information on provisions that apply to all programs. The letter covers such matters as the public hearing requirement, base year funding provisions, and how funding reductions will be calculated.

  1. Does the flexibility provided in SBX3 4 apply to unspent funds of the Arts, Music and Physical Education Grant of 2006-07?
    Yes. Section 42 of SBX3 4 allows use of unspent balances from restricted accounts in an local educational agency’s general fund for any purpose.


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