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Effective January 1, 2007, students in their first year in public school must submit proof of oral health assessments. The assessments must be performed by a licensed or registered dental health professional, and proof of assessment is due on an annual basis by May 31.

Assembly Bill 1433, signed into law by the Governor on September 22, 2006, established this requirement (California Education Code [EC] Section 49452.8). The law states that schools must send notification of the new assessment requirement to parents or legal guardians. A sample notification letter and standardized assessment form for local educational agency use is available at Oral Health Assessment. The form includes a section that parents or guardians may complete for exemption from the oral health assessment requirement. The sample notification letter and standardized assessment form have been translated into multiple languages and are also available on the aforementioned Web page.

Each district is responsible for aggregating the data received from pupils and for sending an annual report (by December 31) to the respective county office of education. The law states that the county office shall maintain the data in a manner that allows for its release upon request.

If you have questions related to the implementation of EC Section 49452.8, please contact the Coordinated School Health and Safety Office at 916-319-0914.

Questions:   Coordinated School Health and Safety Office | 916-319-0914
Last Reviewed: Thursday, September 3, 2015
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