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Oral Health Assessment District Reporting

California Education Code Section 49452.8 states that all school districts shall submit a report each year to the county office of education of the county in which the school district is located.

The report shall include all of the following:  

  1. The total number of pupils in the district, by school, who are subject to the oral health assessment requirement (i.e., the number of kindergarten students plus the number of first grade students who did not attend public school kindergarten.
  2. The total number of pupils who present proof of an assessment.
  3. The total number of pupils who could not complete an assessment due to financial burden.  
  4. The total number of pupils who could not complete an assessment due to lack of access to a licensed dentist or other licensed or registered dental health professional. 
  5. The total number of pupils who could not complete an assessment because their parents or legal guardians did not consent to their child receiving the assessment.
  6. The total number of pupils who are assessed and found to have untreated decay.  
  7. The total number of pupils who did not return either the assessment form or the waiver request to the school. 

Online Reporting System for Oral Health Assessment (AB 1433) External link opens in new window or tab.
Information about an optional online reporting system available for districts and county offices of education.

Questions:   Coordinated School Health and Safety Office | 916-319-0914
Last Reviewed: Monday, August 24, 2015
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