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DOD Fact Sheets

Department of Defense fresh fruits and vegetables fact sheets.

General Information

The commodity fact sheets provide basic information that will help your agency make the best use of the Department of Defense (DOD) produce. Additionally, this information can simplify ordering and serve as a ready reference for the nutrient content of the DOD produce. Each fact sheet includes the following information: product description, pack size, suggested uses, storage and "Best if Used By" guidelines, and nutrition facts.

Commodity Commodity Commodity
Apples Carrots, Sticks Lettuce, Romaine
Apple Slices Cauliflower Oranges
Avocados Cauliflower Florets Oranges (Diced)
Blackberries Celery Pears
Blueberries Celery and Carrots Potatoes, Russet
Broccoli Celery, Pascal Salad Mix (Iceberg, Romaine, and Red Cabbage)
Broccoli Florets Grapes Spinach
Cabbage, Red Green Onions Strawberries, Clamshell
Cabbage, Green Honeydew Tangerines
Cantaloupe Kiwi Fruit Tomato
Carrots, Baby (Bulk) Lettuce, Iceberg Vegetable Mix, Carrots and Broccoli
Carrots, Baby (Snack Pack) Lettuce, Iceberg (Shredded)  
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