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Programs & Contacts

Program Web sites and contact information of California Department of Education staff responsible for individual programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (commonly known as the No Child Left Behind Act).
Local Planning and Implementation

Local Educational Agency (LEA) Plan
Contact: Rena M. Carlson, 916-319-0243,

Title I, Part A

Basic Program
Contact: Title I Policy and Program Guidance Office, 916-319-0917

Contact: School Turnaround Office, 916-319-0833,

Contact: Lynda Nichols, 916-323-5822,

Private Schools
Contact: Rina DeRose, 916-323-0472,

Program Improvement LEAs
Contact: District Innovation and Improvement Office, 916-319-0836

Program Improvement Schools
Contact: District Innovation and Improvement Office, 916-319-0836

School Choice
Contact: Lana Zhou, 916-319-0956,

Schoolwide Programs
Contact: Franco Rozic, 916-319-0269,

Supplemental Educational Services
Contact: Sylvia Hanna, 916-319-0948,

Targeted Assistance Schools
Contact: District Innovation and Improvement Office, 916-319-0836

Title I, Part C

Migrant Education
Contact: Migrant Education Office, 916-319-0851

Title I, Part D

Neglected or Delinquent
Contact: Karen Neilsen, 916-319-0946,

Title I, Part G

Advanced Placement
Contact: College Preparation and Postsecondary Programs Office, 916-323-6398,

Title II

Teacher and Principal Training
Contact: Title II Leadership Office, 916-323-6390

Title II, Part B

California Mathematics and Science Partnership
Contact: STEM, 916-323-5847,

Title II, Part D

Education Technology
Contact: Education Technology Office, 916-323-5715,

Title III

Limited-English Proficient and Immigrant Students
Contact: Language Policy and Leadership Office, 916-319-0845

Title IV, Part B

21st Century Community Learning Centers
Contact: After School Programs Office, 916-319-0923,

Title V, Part B

Charter Schools
Contact: Charter Schools Division, 916-322-6029

Title VI, Part B

Rural Education Assistance Program
Contact: School Turnaround Office, 916-319-0833,

Title VII

American Indian Education
Contact: Judy Delgado, 916-319-0506,

Title IX, Part E

Private Schools
Contact: Private Schools Office, 916-445-7331,

Title X, Part C

Homeless Education
Contact: Leanne Wheeler, 916-319-0383, or Pat Boncella, 916-319-0384,

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) - CalEdFacts
NCLB section in CalEdFacts, California Department of Education's information and media guide about education in the State of California.

Questions:   Improvement and Accountability Division | 916-319-0926
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