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Curriculum Frameworks & Instructional Resources Div.

The Curriculum Frameworks & Instructional Resources Division supports the Instructional Quality Commission, develops curriculum frameworks, oversees the adoption of instructional materials, produces and distributes instructional materials in specialized media.

Tom Adams, Director

Phone: 916-319-0881
Fax: 916-319-0172

The Curriculum Frameworks & Instructional Resources Division is part of the Instruction & Learning Support Branch.

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Clearinghouse for Specialized Media & Translations
The Clearinghouse for Specialized Media & Translations (CSMT) helps to close the achievement gap by providing instructional resources in accessible formats to students with disabilities in California.

Instructional Quality Commission
Information about members, committees, goals, and meetings for the Instructional Quality Commission, commonly called the Curriculum Commission (CC).

Curriculum Frameworks & Instructional Materials
Information on all subject areas.

World Language
Information that focuses on developing the highest levels of world language proficiency in California students.

Information and resources related to health education for students in grades K-12.

History-Social Science
Information that defines the knowledge, concepts, and skills students should acquire at each grade level.

Information that all students in California public schools should know and be able to do in mathematics, emphasizing computational and procedural skills, conceptual understanding, and problem solving.

Physical Education
Resources for developing quality physical education programs designed to provide students with knowledge and ability needed to maintain active, healthy lifestyles.

English Language Arts
Information to help students achieve progressive levels of mastery so that they may communicate effectively in English and, ultimately, participate fully in society and the world of work.

School Libraries
Information to help improve school libraries in California.

Information that represents the content of science education and includes the essential skills and knowledge students will need to be scientifically literate citizens in the twenty-first century.

Questions:   Curriculum Frameworks & Instructional Resources Division | 916-319-0881
Last Reviewed: Friday, July 24, 2015

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