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District, School & Innovation Branch

Oversees programs promoting innovation and improved student achievement. Programs include statewide student assessment, school and district interventions, state and federal accountability, collection and reporting of educational data, and charter schools.

Deb Sigman,
Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

Phone: 916-319-0812
Fax: 916-319-0109

Biography for Deb Sigman, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction


Analysis, Measurement & Accountability Reporting Division
Oversees the development, calculation, and reporting of state and federal accountability reports, provides critical analysis of statewide education data for a variety of statewide programs including Open Enrollment and School Awards programs.

Assessment Development & Administration Division
Manages the development and administration for all Statewide assessments.

Charter Schools Division
Supports, promotes, and authorizes high quality charter schools that improve achievement and choice for California public schools and families.

Educational Data Management Division
Provides leadership within CDE to manage its data, collects demographic data from districts and schools, and assists the field in their use of technology to improve learning.

Improvement & Accountability Division
Designs, develops and administers a system for schools, districts, and associated technical assistance providers to institute and implement coherent standards-based educational programs that result in improved student learning and make appropriate use of Title I and other NCLB resources.

Questions:   District, School & Innovation Branch | 916-319-0812
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