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Pupil Promotion & Retention

Current law and information on pupil promotion and retention policies and related supplemental instruction programs.

Background Information on Pupil Promotion and Retention and Related Supplemental Instruction

Until 1998, California law only required school districts to have policies pertaining to Pupil Promotion and Retention (PPR) (see California Education Code [EC] Section 48070), without specifying any requirements for those policies. With a growing concern about the "social promotion" of students who do not meet grade-level standards, in 1998 the California Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, a new set of laws which transformed the way students move from grade level to grade level . The three-bill package, Assembly Bill (AB) 1626 (Chapter 742, Statutes of 1998), AB 1639 (Chapter 743, Statutes of 1998) and Senate Bill (SB) 1370 (Chapter 942, Statutes of 1998), outlined new pupil promotion and retention policy requirements and provided for related supplemental instruction programs. These laws became effective in January 1999. As part of the larger standards-based school reform movement, this legislation outlined a promotion process based on student attainment of grade-level content standards (EC Section 48070.5 (a) through (j)), and at the same time provided funding for intensive instructional support for those students who are at risk of being retained (in grades two through six) or who are recommended for retention or retained (in grades two through nine) (see EC sections 37252.2 and 37252.8).

The following links are pertinent California Education Code sections:

California Education Code sections 37252-37253.5 External link opens in new window or tab.
Summer school and other supplemental instruction.

California Education Code sections 48070-48070.5 External link opens in new window or tab.
Promotion and retention.

California Education Code sections 48010-48011 External link opens in new window or tab.
Parental permission for retention in kindergarten.

The next two links provide information and answers to specific questions regarding Pupil Promotion and Retention and PPR-related and other Supplemental Instruction (SI) Programs.

Frequently Asked Questions — Pupil Promotion and Retention (Updated 2-Aug-2012)

Frequently Asked Questions — Supplemental Instruction Programs (Updated 2-Aug-2012)

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