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Mathematics Framework Chapters

The State Board of Education adopted the Mathematics Framework on November 6, 2013.

The Mathematics Framework chapters are currently undergoing final editing and graphic design in preparation for publication. As this work is completed, chapters will be posted in a new and more user-friendly format. These chapters are indicated by a 2015 posting date.

Cover (PDF; Posted Feb-2015)

Introduction (PDF; Posted Feb-2015)

Overview of the Standards Chapters (PDF; Posted Feb-2015)

Transitional Kindergarten (PDF; Posted Feb-2015)

Kindergarten (PDF; Posted Feb-2015)

Grade 1 (PDF; Posted Feb-2015)

Grade 2 (PDF; Posted Feb-2015)

Grade 3 (PDF; 1MB; Posted Apr-2015)

Grade 4 (PDF; 2MB; Posted Apr-2015)

Grade 5 (PDF; 2MB; Posted Apr-2015)

Grade 6 (PDF; 6MB; Posted Apr-2015)

Grade 7 (PDF; 2MB; Posted Apr-2015)

Grade 8 (PDF; Posted May-2015)

Introduction to Higher Mathematics Courses (PDF; Posted Sept-2015)

Algebra I (PDF; 1MB; Posted Sept-2015)

Geometry (PDF; Posted Sept-2015)

Algebra II (PDF; Posted Sept-2015)

Mathematics I (PDF; 1MB; Posted Sept-2015)

Mathematics II (PDF; 1MB; Posted Sept-2015)

Mathematics III (PDF; 1MB; Posted Sept-2015)

Precalculus (PDF; Posted Sept-2015)

Statistics and Probability (PDF; Posted Sept-2015)

Calculus (PDF; Posted Sept-2015)

Advanced Placement Probability and Statistics (PDF; Posted Sept-2015)

Universal Access (PDF; Posted Sept-2015 )

Instructional Strategies (PDF; Posted Oct-2015)

Supporting High Quality Common Core Mathematics Instruction (PDF; Posted Sept-2015)

Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics (PDF; Posted Oct-2015)

Assessment (PDF; Posted Oct-2015)

Instructional Materials (PDF; Posted Oct-2015)

Appendix A: Course Placement and Sequences (PDF)

Appendix B: Financial Literacy and Mathematics Education (PDF)

Appendix C: Possible Adaptations for Students with Learning Difficulties in Mathematics (PDF)

Appendix D: Mathematical Modeling (PDF)

Appendix E: Higher Mathematics Pathways Standards Chart (PDF)

Appendix F: Methods Used for Solving Single-digit Addition and Subtraction Problems (PDF)

Glossary (PDF)

References (PDF)

Resources (PDF; Posted Oct-2015)

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, October 22, 2015

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