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March 2013 Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2013, meeting minutes for the American Indian Education Oversight Committee.

American Indian Education Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2013


Committee members Present: Laura Lee George (Chair), André Cramblit (Parliamentarian), Amber Machamer (Vice Chair), Deborah DeForge, Rodney Lindsay, Kathleen Marshall, Rachel McBride, Irma Amaro, Russell“Butch” Murphy, Helen Doherty

California Department of Education (CDE) Staff Present: Judy Delgado, and Chavela Delp

Guests: Robert Brown, Hunwut Turner, Niki Sandoval, Denise Dion

Meeting convened at 10:00 a.m.

Item 1―U.S. Department of Education, Office of Indian Education Update
Presented Via Teleconference by Joyce Silverthorne, Director, Office of Indian Education
Item 2―CDE Updates
Presented by Judy Delgado, American Indian Education Consultant, CDE

Robert Brown—Asked if the American Indian Education Centers (AIEC) will be receiving an increase in funding.

Judy Delgado—The AIEC Program Budget line item shows a 2 percent Cost of Living Adjustment increase.

Rachel McBride—Asked if there is any way that the Request for Application (RFA) can get approved sooner (than how long it took the Tobacco-Use Prevention Education Program application), because they don’t want a gap in funding.

Rodney Lindsay—Asked if CDE can give a timeline.

Butch Murphy—Because the gap in funding and the small amount of funding, there may be layoffs.

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to write an advisory to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (SSPI), Tom Torlakson, to expedite the RFA approval process. Rodney Lindsay moved to approve writing an advisory to the SSPI to expedite the RFA approval process. Rachel McBride seconded. All in favor.

Niki Sandoval—Will look into this once she has been confirmed to be on the SBE.

Item 3―Public Comment

Laura Lee George—Asked for public comment.

Niki Sandoval—Gives an update on the AIEC Survey. Of the 27 AIECs, 74 percent responded to the survey.

Item 4―Northern California Preparation and Retention of Indian Educators
Presented by Denise Dion, California State University, Chico (CSUC)
Item 5―The State of American Indian and Alaska Native Education in California Report
Presented by Joely Proudfit, California Indian Culture & Sovereignty Center, California State University, San Marcos
Item 6―American Indian Education Oversight Committee (AIEOC) Annual Report for 2012
Presented by André Cramblit, Parliamentarian, AIEOC

Laura Lee George—Edits to the content can be made, however, no substantial changes can be made.

André Cramblit—Recommends that the Advisory be posted separately.

Item 7―Committee Business

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to approve January 7, 2013, meeting minutes with a proposed change. André Cramblit moved to approve the minutes with the change. Deborah DeForge seconded. All in favor.

Laura Lee George—Next meeting will be July 15, 2013, at the CDE.

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Helen Doherty moved to adjourn the meeting. Kathleen Marshall seconded. All in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

Questions: Judy Delgado | | 916-319-0506 
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