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Using the CDD-801A Electronic File Transfer Screen


This function is only for agencies who upload a text file to submit their monthly report. Use this function to transfer a file from your computer to the California Department of Education (CDE). The information in the electronic file must contain:

  • All CDD-801A families.
  • For one month.
  • For one sub-agency (if the agency reports by sub-agency).

Important Reminder

The electronic file must contain information in a very specific format. Refer to the File Format Specifications for details.

Required Information

You must select a sub-agency if your agency has created sub-agencies and you are a super user.

The sub-agency selection option is not displayed if your agency has not created sub-agencies or you are not a super user. Electronic files uploaded by a user are automatically uploaded to the sub-agency they are assigned to.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Transfer a File

  1. Select a sub-agency if the sub-agency drop down list is displayed.
  2. Enter the complete file name.
    Result: The "Open File" dialog box is displayed.
    To locate the file on your computer, click the "Browse" button.
    • Search your computer for your file.
    • Highlight the file name.
    • Click the "Open" button.
  3. Click the "Submit" button.
    Result: the file transfer process begins.
  4. If information for the specified month has already been received by CDE, a screen will be displayed that explains there is already data in the target month. If you choose to proceed, the data currently in the system for that month be deleted and replaced by the data in the file you are uploading.
    • Click the "OK" button to proceed with the file transfer.
    • Click the "Cancel" button to discontinue the file transfer and return to the Main Menu.
  5. Read the "CDD-801A Electronic File Transfer Confirmation" screen.
  6. Click the "Return to Main Menu" button at the bottom of the screen.
    Result: The "Main Menu" is displayed.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Access the File Transfer Status Report

  1. Go to the "Main Menu" screen.
  2. Select the function "CDD-801A Management Reports." and click the "Submit" button.
    Result: The "Report Selection Screen" is displayed.
  3. Click on the link "CDD-801A Electronic File Transfer Status Report."
    Result: the Select CDD-801A Electronic File Status Report Screen" is displayed.
  4. Select the Report Month/Year.
  5. If the sub-agency drop down list is displayed, select a sub-agency.
  6. Click the "Submit" button.
    Result: The Available CDD-801A Electronic File Transfer Status Reports screen is displayed.

    Click the report number you want to open.
    Read the file transfer status report thoroughly.

    If the File Status says "Passed, loaded to database" your file had no errors and the families and children in that file have been added to the report period.

    If the File Status says "Failed, not loaded to database" your file had errors and your families and children were not added to the report period.

    Note: Use your browser's "Print" button to print the report.

    Optional: Click the "Download this Screen to Excel File" if you would like to save this report as an Excel Spreadsheet on your own computer while working to resolve the error messages or to have a hard copy of the report.

If there are any errors listed on the Management Report, you must correct those errors in your file and resubmit your file until all errors are resolved and your file passes.

What Happens Next?

After you transfer the file to CDE, this is what happens:

  1. Your original file is stored on the CDE computer.
  2. All electronic files are processed at 1:00 am while the system is not busy.
    The file is either:
    • Accepted - all of the information is copied into the CDE database.
    • Rejected - none of the information is copied into the CDE database.
  3. A file transfer status report is created and stored.
  4. You must read the file transfer status report and confirm that your file was accepted by CDE.
    For more information, read the "Step-by-step instructions to access the file transfer status report" (above).

How to Exit the CDD-801A Electronic File Transfer Screen

  • Click the "Return to Previous Screen " button at the bottom of the screen, or
  • Click the "Main Menu" link that appears just above the page name, or
  • Click the "Log Out" link that appears just above the page name.
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