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The purpose of county community schools is to provide an education to students who are expelled from their regular schools, referred by a School Attendance Review Board or by probation, on probation or parole and not attending any school, homeless, or enrolled at the request of the student’s parent or guardian.

County community schools’ educational programs are characteristically student-centered and adapted to meet individual needs. A minimum day’s program is 240 minutes. Students are provided with learning opportunities in academic skills, independent life skills, positive self-concepts, and effective relationships with others. Although students may graduate from county community schools, the programs are designed to help students transition to appropriate educational, training, or employment settings after their attendance in the county community school. The county office of education, community, and receiving school districts are frequently involved in program planning and transition services.

In October 2010, there were 75 County Community Schools reporting an enrollment of 18,382 students. However, CDE demographic reports for prior school years indicate that the total number of students served by these schools over the entire year averaged over 43,000.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, February 11, 2016

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