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Home & Hospital Instruction

School districts provide home and hospital instruction to maintain instructional continuity during a student's temporary disability.

Program Information

Existing law requires each person subject to compulsory education to attend full-time school or continuation school. The Home and Hospital Instruction Program (California Education Code Section 48206.3) serves students who incur a temporary disability, which makes attendance in the regular day classes or alternative education program impossible or inadvisable. The district in which the home or residential health facility is located is responsible for instructing and educating pupils who must be hospitalized or remain at home due to a temporary but extended illness or disability. There is no provision in statute that specifically addresses instructional content; however, the goal of home or hospital instruction should be maintenance of the pupil's former level of performance while recovering.

Contact your local school district office for more information on Home and Hopsital Instruction.

Contact Information

Educational Options, Student Support, and American Indian Education Office
Jacie Ragland, Education Programs Consultant

Questions: Jacie Ragland | | 916-323-2568 
Last Reviewed: Friday, September 18, 2015

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