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PFT Results

PFT results for 2013-14 and prior years are now available.

DataQuest PFT Summary Results

PFT 2014 DataQuest Reports
View schools, districts, counties, and state results. Results are available by gender and ethnic groups.

PFT Research Files and File Layouts
View statewide PFT data with file layout.

PFT 2013-14 News Release - November 6, 2014

PFT District Reports

District Reports External link opens in new window or tab.
PFT district coordinators can access downloadable district data files from the state PFT contractor, the San Joaquin County Office of Education, including individual student reports. Please note that access to this site requires login and password information.

PFT: Prior Year Information

Prior Year News Release and Reports
News releases and reports to the Governor and Legislature from 2003–2013.

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