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Independent Study Ratio Calculations

Instructions, examples, and worksheets for calculating independent study ratios.

Recent legislation, Chapter 32, Statutes of 2014 (Senate Bill 858), enacted June 20, 2014, changed the way independent study ratios are calculated from a local educational agency (LEA)-wide calculation to a calculation by grade span. The California Department of Education is required to specify how the ratios are calculated. Due to the late timing of the legislation and late availability of the requisite instructions for making the calculations, for the purposes of calculating the ratio for 2014–15, the implementation year, LEAs can choose to calculate ratios by grade span or on an overall LEA-wide basis.

To the extent an LEA chooses to calculate the comparative and independent study ratios by grade span, that LEA should follow the instructions provided for calculating the overall LEA-wide ratios except perform the calculations for each grade span. If performing calculations by grade span, LEAs that participate in collective bargaining can use a collectively bargained comparative ratio. Please note that for 2014–15 this collective bargaining option is only available to LEAs calculating ratios by grade span.

Beginning fiscal year 2015–16, LEAs will be required to calculate the ratio by grade span as provided in the California Education Code Section 51745.6; however, note that there are proposed statutory amendments that will eliminate this requirement, reverting back to a LEA-wide ratio. When planning for 2015–16, please refer back to this webpage as it will be updated as new information becomes available.


Instructions for Calculating LEA-wide ratios.
Instructions for Calculating Grade Span Ratios
Calculation Example Spreadsheet (XLS)
Calculation Spreadsheet (XLS)

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