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Advisory Commission on Special Education (ACSE)

Authorized by Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), 20 United States Code Section 1412 (a)(21); California Education Code, Section 33590.
What is the Advisory Commission on Special Education (ACSE)?

The Commission is an advisory body required by Federal (20 USC 1412(a)(21)) and State Statute (EC 33590-6). The ACSE provides recommendations and advice to the State Board of Education, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Legislature, and the Governor in new or continuing areas of research, program development and evaluation in California special education.

When does the Commission meet?

The ACSE holds a minimum of four meetings a year with additional subcommittee or task force meetings as budget permits. Some members may also attend meetings of other official and related organizations as liaisons. All meetings are open to the public pursuant to the Bagley-Keene Act External link opens in new window or tab. (PDF). Agendas are posted at least 10 days prior to meeting date and the resulting minutes are posted once the Commissioners officially approve them.

Live video stream of ACSE meetings available on meeting dates during times stated in agenda.

Who serves on the Commission?

The ACSE consists of appointed members from the Speaker of the Assembly, Senate Committee on Rules, Governor, and the State Board of Education. The membership consists of parents, persons with disabilities, persons knowledgeable about the administration of special education, teachers, and legislative representation from the Assembly and Senate.

What is the length of a term?

Members of the legislature appointed to the ACSE shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing body. Each public member shall serve a four-year term (maximum of 2 terms). Public member terms expire on December 31 in odd numbered years.

How does one become a Commissioner?

Any individual interested in appointment to the ACSE should review the Member Directory (Updated 16-May-2014) to determine those members whose term will expire soon and then contact the appointing body to obtain information on their application process.

To whom does it report?

The ACSE is required to report on at least an annual basis to the:

What issues are addressed?

The ACSE addresses numerous issues in California Special Education including:

Products and ongoing activities
How is the public involved?

The ACSE welcomes public involvement. Opportunities for public comment are provided at every Commission meeting. Minutes of past ACSE meetings and agendas for upcoming meetings are provided upon request. In addition, public hearings are conducted on topical issues periodically.

The ACSE can be accessed by interested persons through public input sessions, telephone (TTY and fax available), and postal or electronic mail.


The ACSE studies and provides assistance to the

In new or continuing special education areas of

The ACSE reports to these entities at least once a year on the following:

Additionally, the ACSE participates in the development of the California State Plan for Part B of the IDEA and proposed rules and regulations. The Commission also assists the United States Secretary of Education in the performance of his or her activities.

Annual Reports

The ACSE can be contacted by phone at 916-445-4602, by fax at 916-327-3706, or by the Videophone Line at 916-374-7182.

Questions: Venetia Davis | | 916-323-9773 
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