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Agenda--January 17, 2008

TSD annual Review package automatic description.
California State Board of Education

Public Meeting
 Regarding Corrective Action Plans under
No Child Left Behind

Thursday, January 17, 2008, from 1 – 4 pm
Los Angeles County Education Center

Los Angeles County Office of Education
9300 Imperial Highway
Downey, CA 90242-2890
(562) 922-6111

The purpose of this meeting is to enable members of the State Board of Education to hear from school districts and their communities regarding the framework for corrective actions under No Child Left Behind and its potential impact on them. This is one of three meetings that State Board of Education members will hold in California regionally this week, and the general public may also attend. There will be additional opportunities for public input before the Board takes action on this matter. 

State Board of Education Members Presiding

Ted Mitchell, President
Kenneth A. Noonan


Invitation from the State Board of Education to Regional Discussions (DOC; 79KB; 2pp.)

Questions: State Board of Education | 916-319-0827 
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