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Maintenance, Upkeep, & Quality Assurance Standards

Standards governing all of the California Department of Education's Web sites, pages, documents, and apps (including those created by contractors); for the maintenance, upkeep, & quality assurance of CDE's Web products.

When any content is placed on the Web as part of any CDE Web product (Web site, Web page, Web application, Web document, or any other Web-related item), both the content and the Web product must be re-examined from time to time to determine their status in terms of:

All CDE Web content and Web products (including content and Web products that are developed for the CDE or as a result of a CDE contract) must be fully re-examined following this standards document no less frequently than once per year. This re-examination is referred to as an "annual review."

For the CDE’s own primary Internet ( and Intranet ( Web sites (main Web servers only), specific annual review procedures for content that is added using Contribute software are well established. Adherence to these procedures (available on the CDE Intranet site) constitutes compliance with this Web standards document.

CDE division contacts for CDE-developed Web applications are expected to ensure that the Web applications that they oversee are reviewed under these standards at least once per year.

CDE Contract Monitors for contractor-developed Web products of any kind (Web sites, Web pages, Web documents, Web applications, or any other Web-related content) are expected to ensure that the contracted Web products that they oversee are reviewed under these standards at least once per year.

All annual reviews performed with the intent to comply with these Maintenance, Upkeep, and Quality Assurance Standards must include and consider the following:

Continued Need or Usefulness for the Web Content/Web Product

Accuracy of the Web Content

Current CDE Web Standards Compliance

Web technology continues to change and with it, CDE Web Standards are updated to reflect the CDE’s desire to ensure that all CDE Web content and Web products are of the highest quality, are easy and intuitive to use, and comply with all legal mandates.

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