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May 21, 2013 Math Subject Matter Committee Minutes

State of California
Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor

Instructional Quality Commission
An advisory body to the California State Board of Education

Final Meeting Minutes: May 21, 2013
Mathematics Subject Matter Committee Teleconference Meeting

(Approved on July 30, 2013)

Report of Action

Mathematics Subject Matter Committee
May 21, 2013
3 to 3:20 p.m.

Mathematics Subject Matter Committee (MSMC) Co-Chair Julie Spykerman called the meeting to order.

  1. Welcome and Introductions (Information)

    Commissioners and California Department of Education (CDE) staff present at the eight sites participating in the conference call identified themselves.

    The following Commissioners participated:

    • Julie Spykerman at Anaheim Union High School District
    • Ed D’Souza at Cesar Chavez/Dolores Huerta Center for Education
    • Angel Barrett at Los Angeles Unified School District
    • Jose Dorado at Osceola Street Elementary School
    • Lori Freiermuth at Olympian High School
    • Jo Ann Isken at Lennox School District
    • Bill Honig in Mill Valley, CA

    The following State Board of Education (SBE) liaison member was present in Sacramento:

    • Patricia Rucker

    The following Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division (CFIRD) staff members were present at the CDE, Sacramento:

    • Tom Adams
    • Cliff Rudnick
    • Dmitriy Voloshin
    • Ken McDonald
    • Tracie Yee
  2. 2014 Mathematics Instructional Materials Adoption (Information/Action)

    1. Review Instructional Material Reviewers (IMR) and Content Review Experts (CRE) Panel Assignments

    MSMC Co-Chair Spykerman asked Dmitriy Voloshin, CFIRD staff, to address the committee. Mr. Voloshin noted that 17 publishers submitted 36 programs spanning 118 grade levels, thus necessitating creation of 12 review panels of 9 or 10 members each. The commissioners also volunteered to facilitate the panels and several facilitators were appointed in absentia:

    2014 Mathematics Adoption Panel Assignments
    Panel # Panel Members Facilitator CDE Staff Publishers/ Programs


    Joan Commons
    Gertrude Cowan
    Lillie Dabai
    Paul Ekk
    Yolanda Munoz
    Erica Olmstead
    Kathy Schwicke
    Rachel Williams
    Zhonghe Wu

    Angel Barrett

    Cynthia Gunderson
    Gloria Dobson

    McGraw-Hill, Connecting Math Concepts (K–4)
    TPS Publishing, Inc., Creative Core Curriculum for Mathematics with STEM, Literacy and Arts (K–8)


    Rowdy Dyer
    Joseph Fielder*
    Linda Laymon
    Michele Lenertz
    Daina Lujan
    Allison Nazzaro
    Jenna Tremayne
    Jill Warriner
    Kristen Werk
    Lisa Wright

    Kristyn Bennett

    Jim Long
    Chris Mattson

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Math Expressions, (K–6)
    McGraw-Hill, McGraw-Hill My Math (K–5)


    Patricia Birk
    Anne-Marie Bravo
    Geri Cook
    Jeffrey Linder
    Maribel Guzman
    Lynne Haman
    Jennifer Henry
    Christine Newell
    Jennifer Tillson
    Javier Trigos*

    Marlene Galvan

    Kristen Cruz Allen
    Rhonda Runyan

    Pearson, Common Core System of Courses (K–8)
    Marshall Cavendish, Primary Mathematics Common Core Edition (1–3)


    Lisa Amenta
    Jacqueline Carter
    Stanley Firestone
    Anna Kearney
    Andrea Kojima
    Erin Lipsitz
    Adelita Martinez
    Marianne Oakes
    Jean Simutis*
    Linda Spincola

    Carlos Ulloa

    Lillian Perez
    Nancy Plasencia

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Math in Focus (K–8)
    Reasoning Mind, Reasoning Mind Algebra Readiness Program (2–6)


    Jesse BarberDeborah Gale*
    Janice Gilmore-See
    Leah Leonard
    Julie McGough
    Louanne Myers
    Jamie O’Hara
    Angelica Trujillo
    Christa Wallis

    Jose Dorado

    David Almquist
    Steve Furness

    Pearson Scott Foresman, enVision Math, (K–6)
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Go Math! (K–6)


    Kevin Anderson
    Jennifer Bourgeois
    Jennifer Denton
    Leanne Leonard
    Eli Goldwyn*
    Nancy Matthews
    Natalie Maxwell
    Jennifer Slay
    Yas-Meen West

    Jo Ann Isken Deborah Franklin

    Big Ideas Learning, Big Ideas Math (6–8)
    Pearson, CA Digits (6–8)
    Triumph Learning, Common Core Math Curriculum (6–8)


    Jack Bloom
    Sara Burton
    Sharie Dodd
    Rona Dosen
    Maria Hirsch
    Gregg Motarjeme
    Angelo Segalla*
    Willie Townsend
    Lewis Tucker

    Lauryn Wild

    Laurie Garcia
    Francine Mata

    JRL Enterprises, I CAN Learn Basic Math (5–8)
    Center for Mathematics and Teaching, Math Links (Grade 8)
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Go Math! (6–8)
    Perfection Learning, Kinetic Pre-Algebra (Grade 8)


    Susan Addington*
    Natalie Albrizzio
    Leah Alcala
    Vincent DeFabilis
    Joanna Jimenez
    Carol Kee
    Tim Leonard
    Mary Ann Lyons
    Patricia Wu

    Angie Estonina

    Terri Yan
    Ravi Thakkar

    Agile Mind, Common Core Middle School Mathematics (6–8)
    McGraw-Hill, Glencoe Math Accelerated (Grade 7)
    McGraw-Hill, Cinch Math (Grade 8)
    The College Board, SpringBoard Mathematics (6–8)


    Paul Juarez
    Karen Kennedy
    Steven Krolikowski
    Sosciety Louden
    Andy Nguyen
    Philip Ogbuehi*
    Monique Pearl
    Donna Rickman
    Jane Wentzel

    Bama Medley

    Ken McDonald
    Susan Hardesty

    College Preparatory Mathematics, Core Connections, Courses 1-3 (6–8)
    Edgenuity, Inc., Edgenuity California Common Core Mathematics (6–8)
    McGraw-Hill, California Math, Courses 1-3 (6–8)


    Pamela Alvarado
    Jaime Bonato
    Ron Buckmire*
    Suzanne Fore
    Jean Mbomeda
    Jannelle Olivier
    James Sheldon
    Toni Torres
    Long Truong

    Nancy McTygue

    Bryan Boyd
    Tracie Yee

    Agile Mind, Common Core Algebra 1 Mathematics
    Big Ideas Learning, Big Ideas Algebra 1
    JRL Enterprises, I CAN Learn Algebra 1
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Algebra 1: Analyze, Connect, Explore California


    Arlene Ashton
    Marguerette Baptiste
    Melanee Dismuke
    Iliana Grijalva
    Shirley Guzman
    Barbara Jacobs Ledbetter
    James Stein*
    Lorri Stellhorn
    Kelli Wise

    Ed D’Souza

    Emily Oliva
    Joe Thompson

    College Preparatory Mathematics, Core Connections Algebra 1
    Pearson, CA Common Core Algebra 1
    Revolution K12, Algebra 1
    The College Board, SpringBoard Mathematics Algebra 1


    Jeffrey Burke
    Juan Carolos Caraveo
    Katharine Clemmer
    Peter Iroekwe
    Duane Kouba*
    Vinh Lam
    J. Christopher Paulus
    Kimberly Samuel
    Manuel Tapia

    Lori Freiermuth

    Lisa Leiplein
    Cheri Peon del Valle

    Aleks Corporation, CA Algebra 1
    McGraw-Hill, Glencoe Algebra 1
    Pearson, Common Core Integrated Math 1
    Perfection Learning, Kinetic Algebra 1

    There was no other discussion. MSMC Co-Chair Spykerman called for a motion.

    Action: Commissioner Barrett moved to approve the panel assignments and facilitators. Commissioner D’Souza seconded the motion. There was no discussion or public comment.

    There was a roll call vote. The motion was approved by a unanimous vote of the members present (7–0).

  3. Public Comment: None

MSMC Co-Chair Spykerman adjourned the meeting.

Note: Since the panel and facilitator assignments were approved, there have been some changes. CDE staff replaced Commissioners Estonina and McTygue as facilitators.

Last Reviewed: Monday, February 29, 2016

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