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Community Day Schools

Community day schools are schools for students who have been expelled from school or who have had problems with attendance or behavior. They are run by school districts or county offices of education.

These schools serve troubled students in many ways. They offer challenging classes and teach important skills. They have counselors and other professionals who assist students.

The California Department of Education is involved in the funding and management of community day schools.

  • For information about community day schools in your area, contact your local school district.
  • The Community Day Schools - CalEdFacts page provides additional information about community day schools.
  • The links and information below were developed for educators and others who are directly involved with community day schools.

Program Information

Community day schools are operated by school districts and county offices of education. Community day schools serve mandatory and other expelled students, students referred by a School Attendance Review Board, and other high-risk youths. The 360-minute minimum instructional day includes academic programs that provide challenging curriculum and individual attention to student learning modalities and abilities. Community day school programs also focus on the development of pro-social skills and student self-esteem and resiliency. Community day schools are intended to have low student-teacher ratios. Students benefit from learning support services that include school counselors and psychologists, academic and vocational counselors, and pupil discipline personnel. Students also receive collaborative services from county offices of education, law enforcement, probation, and human services agency personnel who work with at-risk youth. Community day schools are supported by supplemental apportionment for community day school attendance, in addition to base revenue funding.


The Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM) provides accountability for educational options schools serving very high-risk, highly mobile students. These schools include community day, continuation, opportunity, county community, juvenile court, Division of Juvenile Justice, and other alternative schools that meet stringent criteria set by the SBE.


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