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Opportunity Education Program

Serves students who are habitually truant, irregular in attendance, insubordinate, disorderly, or failing academically.

Program Information

Opportunity Education provides a supportive environment with specialized curriculum, instruction, guidance and counseling, psychological services, and tutorial assistance to help students overcome barriers to learning. It should not be viewed as a permanent placement for resistant learners but as a short-term intervention to ensure that students will succeed when they return to their regular classrooms.


The Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM) provides accountability for educational options schools serving very high-risk, highly mobile students. These schools include opportunity, community day, continuation, county community, juvenile court, Division of Juvenile Justice, and other alternative schools that meet stringent criteria set by the State Board of Education.


Pupil Retention Block Grant

Beginning in 2005-06, funding for the Opportunity Education Program has been included in the Pupil Retention Block Grant (PRBG), established by Assembly Bill (AB) 825, Chapter 871, Statutes of 2004. Most of the California Education Code sections that governed the Opportunity Education Program have been repealed.

Local educational agencies that received funding in 2003-04 for the Opportunity Education Program are eligible to receive funds from the PRBG and may utilize PRBG funding for any of the purposes of the programs included in that Block Grant, with only a few statutory limits. Please refer to the Pupil Retention Block Grant for specific information regarding the use of PRBG funds as well as the other Block Grants established by AB 825.

Contact Information

Educational Options, Student Support, and American Indian Education Office
Dan Sackheim, Education Programs Consultant

Questions: Dan Sackheim | | 916-445-5595 
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