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Provides information and background on the migrant education program in California; includes migrant education forms and a directory of offices providing services.

Migratory youth are children who change schools during the year, often crossing school district and state lines, to follow work in agriculture, fishing, dairies, or the logging industry.

Summary of purpose for migrant education and eligibility requirements for participation.

Migrant Education Portal External link opens in new window or tab.
The California Migrant Education Portal supports educators and parents of migrant students and English learners with more than 200 video examples of research-based, effective instructional practices and literacy strategies. This free online resource provides videos of strategies in K-12 classrooms, includes English and Spanish videos for parents and educators, algebra readiness modules, and Migrant Education best program practices. Additionally, the Portal provides communication and collaboration tools to support local and regional program and service delivery efforts.

Local Comprehensive Needs Assessment
A Comprehensive Needs Assessment is part of a continuous program improvement cycle that provides the opportunity to do an in-depth review of data on migrant students, review their progress toward program goals, identify needs, and to propose specific recommendations for program improvements.

Funding information and a list of currently funded agencies.

Migrant Education Program Application
Migrant Education Program (MEP) regions may apply for funding using the Regional Application document. Regions are considered to be the sub-grantee from the California Department of Education (CDE) / MEP which receives direct funding from the United States Department of Education / Office of Migrant Education.

The District Service Agreement is the application by which districts apply for sub-grant funding through the local MEP region with final granting of funds authorized by CDE / MEP.

Migrant Education Family Biliteracy Program
A statewide school-based family biliteracy education program that families may replicate at home to provide high quality instruction for children ages 3-5.

MEP Resource and Update Mailing List
As a member of our MEP mailing list, you will be receive e-mail notification about upcoming events.

Programs and Services
Statewide programs and services coordinated by California's MEP.

Regional Offices

Directory of regional offices where migrant services are provided both by regional and district staff.

Programs that offer services to migrant students.

State Parent Advisory Council
This council participates in the planning, operation, and evaluation of the state MEP.

State Service Delivery Plan for Migrant Education
This plan provides essential guidance for Migrant Education regional and district programs in helping our migrant students reach the academic standards the CDE has set for all students. The plan corresponds to the Comprehensive Needs Assessment Report and serves as the guidance document for program planning and development, monitoring, and evaluation.

Questions:   Migrant Education Office | 916-319-0851
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