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Disproportionality in CA Public Schools

Impacts on Special Education including information and resources on disproportionate representation by race and ethnicity of students receiving special education services.

California Department of Education’s Guidance on Disproportionality (Updated 29-Oct-2015)
Background, critical values, goals, data, guidance, and resources related to disproportionality.

Resources for Improvement (Updated 29-Oct-2015)
Tools related to disproportionality and school improvement.

Overview: Federal Requirements (Updated 29-Oct-2015)
Background materials on disproportionality.

The resources are intended to support and offer an initial framework for the corrective action efforts of identified California local educational agencies addressing the disproportionate representation by race and ethnicity of students receiving special education services. Many of the resources are drawn from the U. S. Department of Education (ED), or projects funded by the ED, and from other state education agencies.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, October 29, 2015
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