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CALPADS Communications

This page contains communications related to CALPADS including system updates, correspondence, and newsletters.

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2016–17 CALPADS Certification Report

Earlier CALPADS communications are located in the CALPADS Communications Archive.


The CALPADS Update FLASHES listed below include abbreviated descriptions of the contents of each FLASH memo.

  • CALPADS Update FLASH #129 | DOC | PDF (Dated 21-Jul-2017)
    Topics include: EOY deadline moved; upcoming defect fix on Aug. 1; teacher librarian reporting for 2017–18 Fall 2.
    • Addendum to FLASH #129 (Dated 25-Jul-2017)
      Important updates regarding EOY 1 submission. Addendum to CALPADS Update FLASH #129.
  • CALPADS Update FLASH #128 | DOC | PDF (Dated 26-Jun-2017)
    Topics include: EOY; foster youth report; direct cert.; primary disability field; CERT 129, 125 & 127; Report 1.21.
    • Addendum to FLASH #128 (Dated 28-Jun-2017)
      Clarification re: guidance for updating the primary disability for a student. Also: CERT125 and CERT127 updates.
  • CALPADS Update FLASH #127 | DOC | PDF (Dated 17-May-2017)
    Topics include: CALPADS LEA Admin auth. interim process; EOY submission window, changes, and reminders.
  • CALPADS Update FLASH #126 | DOC | PDF (Dated 06-Apr-2017)
    Topics include: Upcoming release of previously masked cohort outcome data for alternative schools. ACGR updates.
  • CALPADS Update FLASH #125 | DOC | PDF (Dated 14-Mar-2017)
    Topics include: Fall 2 deadline; spring CIM; SENR changes; STAS; reporting librarians; CTE/ EOY 1; CASEMIS.
  • CALPADS Update FLASH #124 | DOC | PDF (Dated 02-Mar-2017)
    Topics include: Fall 2 deadline reminder; Direct Certification extract changes/training; LEA Admin process.

Webinars and Presentations

CALPADS Information Meeting (CIM) – October 18, 2016 External link opens in new window or tab.
PowerPoint slides and agenda from the October 18, 2016 CIM meeting, available on the California School Information Services (CSIS) Web site.

Topic Specific Correspondence

  • CASEMIS to CALPADS Transition | DOC | PDF (Dated 25-Oct-2016)
    Letter to County and District Superintendents and Charter School Administrators regarding the transition from the California Special Education Management Information System (CASEMIS) to CALPADS.

Assessment and Accountability

Letters to Superintendents

Charter School Reporting Status Change Form

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Earlier CALPADS communications are located in the CALPADS Communications Archive.

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