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School Profile Search Results

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Achieve Academy AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland1700 28th Ave.
ACORN Woodland Elementary AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland1025 81st Ave.
AIMS College Prep Elementary AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland171 12th St.
AIMS College Prep High AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland746 Grand Ave.
AIMS College Prep Middle AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland171 12th St.
Allendale Elementary AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland3670 Penniman Ave.
ARISE High AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland3301 East 12th St., Ste. 205
ASCEND AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland3709 East 12th St.
Aspire Berkley Maynard Academy AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland6200 San Pablo Ave.
Aspire College Academy AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland8030 Atherton St.
Aspire Golden State College Preparatory Academy AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland1009 66th Ave.
Aspire Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland400 105th Ave.
Aspire Monarch Academy AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland1445 101st Ave.
Aspire Triumph Technology Academy AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland3200 62nd Ave.
Bay Area Technology AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland8251 Fontaine St.
Bella Vista Elementary AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland1025 East 28th St.
Bret Harte Middle AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland3700 Coolidge Ave.
Bridges @ Melrose Academy Elementary AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland1325 53rd Ave.
Brookfield Elementary AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland401 Jones Ave.
Burbank Preschool Center AlamedaOakland UnifiedOakland3550 64th Ave.