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Fiscal and budgetary information for local educational agencies, the Legislature, and the public.
Annual Federal Carryover Funds Report
Report identifying federal carryover balances after adjusting for current year budget actions that is submitted annually to the Department of Finance, the Legislative Analysts Office, and the Governor.
Annual Three-Year Federal Fund Expenditures Report
Statutorily required report identifying federal fund expenditures for the prior, current, and budget years.
Education Budget
Fiscal reports on the Budget Act and related legislation.
Expenditure of Flexible Funds
Report on funds subject to flexibility as required by Education Code 42605(c)(3).
Reports on lottery expenditures for K-12 education, as required by Control Section 24.60 of the Budget Act.
Proposition 98 General Fund Reversions
Report required by Budget Act provisional language identifying potential Proposition 98 General Fund that may be available for reversions by June 30 of each year.
Salary & Benefits for Certificated Personnel
Annual reports on the Salary and Benefits Schedule for the Certificated Bargaining Unit (Form J-90).