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Educational Options

School and program alternatives that provide students with the environment, curriculum, and support systems needed to ensure that they achieve their full academic potential.
Alternative Schools & Programs of Choice
Provides different means of attaining the objectives of regular education and meeting students' needs; voluntary for districts, teachers, students, and their parents.
Community Day Schools
Serve high-risk youths, including those referred by expulsion, probation, or a School Attendance Review Board; provide challenging academic curriculum; and develop pro-social skills and resiliency.
Continuation Education
Serves students sixteen years of age and older who have not graduated from high school, are at risk of not graduating, and are not exempt from compulsory school attendance.
County Community Schools
Serves students who are referred by a parent or a School Attendance Review Board, paroled, on probation, expelled, homeless, or not attending school.
Countywide Plans for Expelled Students
County superintendents, and superintendents of the districts within the county, develop countywide plans for providing educational services to all expelled pupils.
Diploma Plus High Schools
Serves students fifteen years of age and older who have not reached their potential in a traditional secondary school setting and are at risk of not graduating from high school.
District of Choice
Information on the District of Choice program, which allows local educational agencies (LEAs) to accept student transfers under the "District of Choice" provisions.
Home & Hospital Instruction
School districts provide home and hospital instruction to maintain instructional continuity during a student's temporary disability.
Independent Study
Provides key information and resources on independent study programs, including frequently asked questions and guidance for the provision of services.
Juvenile Court Schools
Serves students under the protection or authority of the juvenile court system and incarcerated in juvenile halls, homes, ranches, camps, day centers, or regional youth facilities.
Magnet Programs and Schools
Programs or schools offered through school districts to meet students' choice and enrollment needs.
Opportunity Education
Serves students who are habitually truant, irregular in attendance, in need of behavioral supports, academically unsuccessful, or in need of a smaller and more individualized learning environment.
Resources for Educational Options
Provides links for additional information to support academic and social-emotional development and youth engagement in schools.