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County Community Schools

County community schools are public schools that are run by county offices of education. They educate students in kindergarten through grade twelve who are expelled from school or who are referred because of attendance or behavior problems. They also serve students who are homeless, on probation or parole, and who are not attending any school. Parents or guardians also may request that their child attend a county community school.

These schools aim to meet individual student needs. Students learn academic and life skills. They also learn to view themselves in a positive way and to get along with other people. Although students may graduate from county community schools, the goal of these schools is to help students move to other levels of education, training, or employment.

The California Department of Education helps county offices of education ensure that these schools meet legal requirements.

  • For more information about county community schools, contact your county office of education.
  • The County Community Schools - CalEdFacts page provides more detailed information about county community schools.
  • The links and information below were developed for educators and others who are directly involved with county community schools.

County community schools are public schools operated and administered by county offices of education to serve students in grades kindergarten through twelve. County community schools provide an educational placement for students who are expelled from their regular schools, referred by a School Attendance Review Board or at the request of the student’s parent or guardian, referred by probation (pursuant to the Welfare and Institutions Code sections 300, 601, 602, 654), on probation or parole and are not in attendance in any school, or homeless.

County community schools offer students an alternative education program that reinforces or reestablishes educational development. The standard minimum school day for county community schools is 240 minutes of instruction; minimum school day for students in attendance in approved vocational education and work experience programs is 180 minutes. California Education Code sections that provide for county community schools include sections 1980 through 1986 External link opens in new window or tab..

Program Summary
Information on program purpose, services, outcomes, funding, students served, and results.

County Community Schools—CalEdFacts
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