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Department offices and links to Web pages where more information is available.

An overview of the entire California Departmnet of Education (CDE) showing branches and divisions.

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Executive Office

Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction and Director of Education

Chief Deputy Superintendents of Public Instruction -- Glen Price and Michelle Zumot

Branches and Divisions

Performance, Planning and Technology Branch -- Keric Ashley, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction
Oversees programs promoting innovation and improved student achievement. Programs include statewide student assessment, school and district interventions, state and federal accountability, collection and reporting of educational data, and charter schools.

Teaching and Learning Support Branch -- Tom Adams, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction
Promotes the policy and budget priorities of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction before the Legislature, Congress, and the state and federal Administrations, and provides guidance and support for the development and oversight of high quality charter schools.

Systems Support Branch -- Nick Schweizer, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction
Oversees the CDE budget, accounting, information systems, and personnel services; apportionment of state and federal resources to local educational agencies (LEAs); and assistance to LEAs for fiscal and business aspects of public schools.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, July 9, 2018
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