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Information and resources to improve student health, school environment, health education and prevention.
Adult Use of Marijuana Act
The Adult Use of Marijuana Act legalizes recreational use of marijuana for adults and imposes taxes that can be used for health and education.
Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Prevention
Information for science-based programs and activities that effectively prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use; and that include social influences or life skills curricula and youth development.
Childhood Obesity & Diabetes Task Force
Public notices, agendas, meeting minutes and other related information for the Superintendent's Task Force on Childhood Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease.
Comprehensive Sexual Health & HIV/AIDS Instruction
Information on comprehensive sexual health education and HIV/AIDS/STD prevention; includes legal requirements for education in these areas and additional resources for quality instructional programs.
Coordinated School Health
Information on coordinated school health, including previous conference presentations.
Environmental Health
Information and resources concerning environmental health issues, including air quality, pesticide use, and more.
Health Care Coverage and Enrollment Assistance
Information and resources that provide parents and legal guardians information about health care coverage options and enrollment assistance.
Health Ed Content Standards
Information on the newly developed and State Board-approved California Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve.
Health Services & School Nursing
Information and resources concerning meeting students' health-related needs at school.
Information on resources for health services and programs, including research and data collection on youth health behaviors.