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Early Education

Fiscal information to aid early education contractors and information regarding reimbursement procedures.

Early Education and Nutrition Fiscal Services (EENFS) COVID-19 Fiscal Updates

EENFS COVID-19 Fiscal Updates
This link will redirect users to a EENFS webpage that contains guidance previously emailed through the Early Education Division's email distribution list pertaining to COVID-19. Guidance includes:

  • May 4, 2022 Extension of Assembly Bill 82 Stipend Expenditure Period
  • August 13, 2021 Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Family Fee Waiver Augmentations
  • June 28, 2021 Stipend Allocations for Preschool and Child Care Programs
  • April 13, 2021 Assembly Bill (AB) 82 Stipend Update
  • March 25, 2021 Assembly Bill 82 Stipend
  • February 16, 2021 Hazardous Pay and Stipends for Employees funded with Early Learning and Care Contracts
  • December 7, 2020 Advanced Apportionments to California Alternative Payment Program Contractors
  • November 23, 2020 Interim Guidance on the Distribution of Federal Funds to Support State Subsidized Childcare

Current Year Contract Changes and Year-end Reporting Reminders

Early Education Fiscal Services Resources

Alternative Payment Contract Resources

  • Alternative Payment and CalWORKs Resources including:
    • Regional Market Rate Reimbursement Ceilings for Subsidized Child Care
    • Alternative Payment Programs Fiscal and Caseload Report Presentation
    • Contingency Funds Information

Fiscal Contract Change Requests

  • Voluntary Temporary Transfer Resources
    California Education Code Section 8275.5 allows for a voluntary and temporary transfer (VTT) of funds between over-earning contractors and under-earning contractors with similar contract types (i.e., CCTR to CCTR) in order to fully utilize child care and development funding. VTT requests may be submitted between November 1 and November 15 or between May 1 and May 15 of the same contract year.This link will redirect users to a EENFS webpage that contains resources for California State Preschool Program Contractors regarding the Voluntary Temporary Transfer of Funds.

Regulations and Requirements

Questions:   Bryant Campos | | 916-445-1067
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Recently Posted in Allocations & Apportionments
  • Alternative Income Forms (added 12-May-2022)
    Alternative Income Forms for collecting household income information to identify students meeting the criteria for free and reduced-price meal (FRPM) eligibility for Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) purposes.
  • Extension of Assembly Bill 82 Stipend Expenditure (added 04-May-2022)
    This letter serves to provide an update to California Department of Education (CDE) contractors regarding the stipends that were allocated pursuant to Assembly Bill (AB) 82.
  • Request to Release a VTT -Early Education (PDF) (added 27-Apr-2022)
    Request to Release a Voluntary Temporary Transfer of Contract Funds.
  • Ltr2-21: Second Quarter Lottery (added 06-Apr-2022)
    Second Quarter Lottery Apportionment letter for fiscal year 2021-22.