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School Identification

Data used to identify a school, school location, mailing address, legislative district, and other information.
Charter School Locator
Searchable directories that include a list of charter schools, school addresses, funding models, and participation status in the California School Information Services program.
Private Schools
Addresses, phone numbers, school administrators, grade span, programs offered, and enrollment by grade.
Regional Occupational Centers & Programs
Addresses, phone numbers, and administrators for Regional Occupational Centers and Programs throughout California.
Schools & Districts
Information regarding county-district-school (CDS) administration. Includes tools to request CDS updates, information about district reorganizations, and resources for looking up and finding data on educational agencies.
Recently Posted in School Identification
  • School Type Crosswalk (added 13-Sep-2017)
    Crosswalk of the code set currently used to identify school type and the code sets that would replace the current school type identifier and yield in a more detailed method for identifying school type.