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Consolidated Application and Reporting System

The Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) is a data collection system to apply for Categorical Program Funding and to report on the use of those funds.

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Register for User Account

Centralized Authentication System (CAS)
CAS is the system for establishing a system user account with the California Department of Education (CDE). Registering a user account in CAS does not provide a user with access to CARS or any other CDE system that uses CAS. If your CAS user name has not yet been added to CARS, you will receive the error message "CARS access is not available to this user". Information on how to use your CAS user name to gain access to CARS can be found on the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) web page in the User Access section.

CARS Login

Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) Login
Login to the CARS system, which can only be accessed by authorized users who have registered in the CAS system and have been granted rights by their CARS local educational agency (LEA) User Administrator.


CARS Data Collection Release Schedule (Updated 15-Jan-2020)
List of current release dates, deadlines, along with the applicable data collections for the current release period.

Training and User Documents

Purpose: To provide links to individual training documents and webinars.

CARS-Specific Communication

News Flash Updates
  • CARS Update Flash #70 (Dated 04-Feb-2020)
    News Flash 70 was sent to LEA CARS User Administrators and Authorized Representatives to provide additional information not provided in News Flash 69 on how to obtain accurate student counts if the LEA determines they are needed.
  • CARS Update Flash #69 (Dated 30-Jan-2020)
    News Flash 69 was sent to LEA CARS User Administrators and Authorized Representatives announcing that eligibility enrollment counts used in CARS may need to be adjusted.
  • CARS Update Flash #68 (Dated 19-Dec-2019)
    News Flash 68 was sent to LEA User Administrators announcing the CARS is on schedule for the opening date of January 15, 2020. The news flash also included a list of the data collections included in the release, and a summary of the changes to applicable data collections.

Useful Information and Links

California School Directory

The California School Directory contains information about all California public schools, private schools, non-public nonsectarian schools, school districts, and county offices of education.

Application for County-District-School (CDS) Code and School Changes

School districts that plan to open or change a school status need to do so using either the Online Public Update for Schools (OPUS) system or the school forms. Those can be found at the CDE Schools & Districts web page.

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Last Reviewed: Friday, March 6, 2020
Recently Posted in Allocations & Apportionments
  • SB 117 COVID-19 LEA Response Funds (added 30-Mar-2020)
    Funding provided to LEAs to be used for costs associated with maintaining nutrition services, cleaning and disinfecting facilities, personal protective equipment, and materials necessary to provide opportunities for distance learning.
  • Ltr2-19: First Quarter Lottery (added 30-Mar-2020)
    Second Quarter Lottery Apportionment letter for fiscal year 2019-20.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19 (added 18-Mar-2020)
    FAQs about the closure of school in response to COVID-19, Form J-13A, the reporting of attendance for apportionment, and instructional time.
  • CARS News Flash #69 (added 06-Mar-2020)
    News Flash 69 was sent out announcing the Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) counts for Free and/or Reduced Price Meal eligibility enrollment counts were created using fewer criteria and may need to be adjusted.
  • CARS News Flash #70 (added 06-Mar-2020)
    News Flash 70 was sent out as a clarification to News Flash 69 regarding the enrollment and low-income eligibility counts in the 2019–20 School Student Counts form and provides information on how to verify the counts.

  • Statewide LCFF Summary Data (added 20-Feb-2020)
    Statewide summary data for the Local Control Funding Formula.
  • LtrQ3-19: EPA Payment letter, FY 19-20 Q3 (added 20-Feb-2020)
    Second quarterly apportionment for the Education Protection Account for fiscal year 2019–20.
  • 2019–20 First Principal Apportionment (P-1) Letter (added 20-Feb-2020)
    Letter to county superintendents of schools, auditors, and treasurers for the 2018–19 First Principal Apportionment.
  • CSESAP Frequently Asked Questions (added 06-Feb-2020)
    Frequently asked questions and answers on the Classified School Employee Summer Assistance Program (CSESAP) pursuant to Education Code (EC) 45500 added by Sec. 27 of SB 75 (Ch. 51/2019), and amended by Sec. 5 of AB 114 (Ch. 413/2019).
  • CSESAP Employee Election Form (added 06-Feb-2020)
    Instructions for the Employee Election Form to Participate in the Classified School Employee Summer Assistance Program (CSESAP) applicable to the 2020–21 school year and after.