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CA Equity Performance and Improvement Program

The California Equity Performance and Improvement Program (CEPIP) provides funds to support and build capacity within county offices of education (COEs), local educational agencies (LEAs), and schools to promote equity in California schools.

Legislative Authorization

Assembly Bill 99, Section 87 appropriated $2.5 Million ($2,500,000) to establish the CEPIP.


To support and build capacity within COEs, LEAs, and schools to promote equity for disadvantaged student populations in California schools. The CEPIP will build the capacity of COEs, LEAs, and schools in order to implement proven or promising evidence-based program and practices, specially targeted at building equity and narrowing the achievement and opportunity gaps for all underserved students.

Lead Agencies will:

  • Develop new resources and activities
  • Disseminate information on effective equity practices
  • Develop and provide trainings, conferences, and workshops
  • Work with partnering LEAs and schools and their targeted student population.

Funding Description

The CEPIP is a two-year grant period, starting on July 1, 2018, and ending on June 30, 2020, funding the 2018–19 school year and the 2019–20 schools year.

Funding Results

Funding Results for the CEPIP for fiscal years (FY) 2018–19 and FY 2019–20. The total grant allocation is $2,500,000.

Request for Application (RFA)

The RFA provides an overview and instructions for the CEPIP grant application.

Application Workshop

The California Department of Education (CDE) will conduct two CEPIP Application Webinars to provide an overview of the RFA and offer potential applicants an opportunity to ask clarifying questions. The date, time, and login information for each CEPIP Application Webinars are listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Would the CDE consider one grant award through a consortium of several COEs?

COEs may submit an application as a consortium, however only one COE can be the fiscal agent for the CEPIP. Assembly Bill 99 states that the CDE will select at least two grantees.

Will the CDE allow for a planning period during the two year grant period?

No, the CEPIP is not a planning grant. This grant is for COEs who can start implementing activities starting July 1, 2018.

Is there a notice of intent to submit along with the application? If so, where can we find the form and when is it due?

No, applicants do not need to submit a letter of intent.

Does the CDE have the exact dates for the readers’ workshop for planning purposes?

The CDE will be reading, scoring, and evaluating applications during the period February 26–March 23, 2018.

Are Letters of Support from LEAs acceptable in place of memoranda of understanding (MOUs)?

Applicants can submit letters of support or MOUs from partnering LEAs.

Can applicants provide one MOU from partnering districts or do they need an MOU from each partnering district?

There is not a specific number of MOUs or Letters of Support required in the Request for Application. It is up to the applicant how many MOUs and Letters of Support to submit that will ensure a quality application.

Do all of the LEAs need to be identified prior to submitting an application and listed on Form B?

Yes, all of the participating LEAs need to be identified prior to submitting an application.

Will the CDE allow more than one COE working together as a consortium?

Yes, COEs may work together as a consortium, however it is not required.

Will the CDE be posting the PowerPoint and recording of the Webinars?

The CDE will post the PowerPoint and the recording of the Webinars after our last Webinar on February 9, 2018. If you have immediate questions, please send an email to or call Jane Liang at 916 319-0259.

Can a COE subcontract with an agency to carryout activities associated with the CEPIP?

No, a grantee may not subcontract out services to carryout activities associated with the CEPIP.  Please refer to Pages 4–5 of the RFA under the Non-allowable Activities and Costs section.

When is the reader’s workshop?

The reader’s workshop will be conducted during February 26, 2018–March 23, 2018. Please refer to Page 6 in the RFA under Application Procedures and Processes section.

Do grantees need to budget for travel to attend the CDE’s Monthly Meetings?

No, the required monthly meetings will be conducted online and facilitated by the CDE.

Are partnership applications preferred over single COE applications?

There is not a requirement to submit the application as a consortium. It is up to the applicant to submit an application that includes the appropriate partnerships that will ensure a quality program.

Can applicants add resumes to Form D?

Yes, applicants must complete Form D and may include resumes of key personnel.  Resumes will not count against the page limit.

Are applicants expected to focus on our districts and specific schools or take a broader regional perspective?

It is up to the grantee who they select as their partnering districts and schools.

Is there a page limit?

The narrative section must not exceed 30 pages. Required forms and support document is not counted as part of the 30 page limit. Please refer to Pages 7–8 in the RFA under Application Format and Instructions section.

Will CDE provide the online platform where the resources can be disseminated?

The CDE will post grantee activities, resources, and materials on the California Equity Performance and Improvement Program Web page.

Will applications that impact a larger number of districts earn more points?

Applications will be scored based on the Evaluation Rubric. Please refer to Appendix B: Evaluation Rubric starting on Page 26 in the RFA.

Questions: Regional Support and Awards Office | | 916-319-0836 
Last Reviewed: Friday, April 20, 2018
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