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Data Requests

The California Department of Education (CDE) provides access to a wide range of data resources to the public and to qualified researchers.

For information about data that is available to the public and does not require a data request, visit our Accessing Publicly Available Data web page.

For information about access to CDE data including definitions, expectations and links to applicable law, visit our Data Requests - Access to Education Data web page.

For qualified researchers from universities or non-profit organizations who wish to request student level data for research purposes, visit our Research Data Requests web page.

To learn about the historical requests for data submitted to the CDE, visit our Archived Data Requests web page. We are also proud to share highlights of critical data sharing projects over this time period that have helped students achieve success in California Data Sharing Success Stories: Helping Students through Data web page.

Questions: CDE Data Request Team | | 916-319-0869 


Last Reviewed: Tuesday, July 12, 2022
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