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Charter Schools

Public schools providing instruction in any of grades TK–12 created or organized by teachers, parents, community leaders or a community-based organization.

What's New

Regional Technical Assistance and Coaching (RTAC) (Updated 01-Jan-2023)
The Regional Technical Assistance and Coaching (RTAC) program provides technical assistance and coaching throughout California through regional sub-grants. RTAC sub-grantees will disseminate best practices in their regions through the following activities:

  1. Recruit and facilitate charter school participants in Critical Friends Group (CFG) professional learning communities to develop high-quality schools, and
  2. Provide best practices workshops for both charter and non-charter schools in order to improve academic achievement for all students.

Information and Resources

Administrative Functions
Direction on administrative functions such as charter numbering, renewals, closures and the annual information update.

Charter Authorizer Support Initiative (CASI)
The Charter Authorizer Support Initiative (CASI) is a program managed collaboratively by the California Department of Education (CDE), Charter Schools Division and two CDE sub-grant recipients: the Santa Clara County Office of Education’s (SCCOE) Charter Schools Department and the California Charter Authorizing Professionals (CCAP).

Charter Facilities
Guidance on school district obligations and facilities.

Charter School Complaint Notice and Form
Information for charter school authorizers, charter schools, and parents regarding the Charter School Complaint Notice and Form.

Charter Updates
Updates and information from the California Department of Education, Charter Schools Division to charter schools, authorizers, and stakeholders

Fiscal Support/Nonclassroom-Based Funding
Information regarding charter school funding, including, nonclassroom-based funding determination requests and grant opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions and answers regarding charter schools.

Laws, Regulations, and Policies
Access to State and federal statutes, regulations, and policy guidance for charter schools.

Legislation Impacting Charters
Information for charter school authorizers, charter schools, and parents regarding the implications and implementation of recent legislation pertaining to charter schools.

Oversight of State Board of Education Authorized Charter Schools
Guidance on submitting charter petition appeals and administrative functions.

Public Charter Schools Grant Program (PCSGP)
Information about the PCSGP and guidance for grantees.

Various information pertaining to charter schools, including how to locate a charter school.

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, January 18, 2023
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