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Fiscal Support/Nonclassroom-Based Funding

Information regarding charter school funding, including nonclassroom-based funding determination requests and grant opportunities.

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Funding Determination Requests for Nonclassroom-Based Instruction

Nonclassroom-Based Funding Determinations
Annual State Board of Education nonclassroom-based funding determinations, current year application instructions and forms, as well as pertinent Education Code, regulations, and non-regulatory guidance.

Senate Bills 98 and 820 FAQs
Answers to frequently asked questions related to Senate Bill 98 and SB 820.

Apportionment & Categorical Funding Models

Charter School Funding
Provides information about state general purpose and state and federal categorical funding to charter school authorizers and administrators.

Principal Apportionment
Assembly Bill 97 (Chapter 47, Statutes of 2013), as amended by SB 91 (Chapter 49, Statutes of 2013) and SB 97 (Chapter 357, Statutes of 2013), established the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), which represents a significant change in how California's kindergarten through grade twelve (K-12) local educational agencies (LEAs), including county offices of education, school districts, and charter schools, are funded.

Form J-13A
Information regarding submission of the Request for Allowance of Attendance Due to Emergency Conditions, Form J-13A. The Form J-13A and supporting documentation are submitted after the school closure is over. Approval of a Form J-13A request from the California Department of Education, combined with other attendance records, serve to document a LEA's compliance with instructional time laws and provide authority to maintain school for less than the required instructional days and minutes without incurring a fiscal penalty to the LEA’s LCFF funding.

Charter School Funding Types
Information regarding charter school funding types.

Drawing of Warrants on State School Fund
Guidance on warrants drawn from the State School Fund.

Public Charter Schools Grant Program

Public Charter Schools Grant Program
Information on the current cycle of the Public Charter Schools Grant Program (PCSGP).

Other Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities 
List of historic, current, and future charter school discretionary funding opportunities.

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