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Organization Overview

An overview of the entire California Department of Education (CDE) showing branches and divisions.

Organization Chart Overview Printable Version (PDF)

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tony Thurmond

State Board of Education

Brooks Allen, Executive Director

Chief Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

Mary Nicely and Nancy Kim Portillo

Superintendent's Initiatives Office

Vacant, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

Government Affairs Division

Amy Tang-Paterno, Director

Communications Division

Elizabeth Sanders, Director

Superintendent's Scheduling Office

Jenna Anderson, Staff Services Manager (SSM) I

Statewide Literacy Office

Bonnie Garcia, Statewide Literacy Director

Strategy, Policy & Special Projects Branch

Erika Torres, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

Information & Technology Branch
Analysis, Measurement & Accountability Reporting Division

Cindy Kazanis, Director

Educational Data Management Division

Jerry Winkler, Director

Technology Services Division

Rodney Okamoto, Director

Student Support Services Branch

Steve Zimmer, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

Career & College Transition Division

Pete Callas, Director

Whole Child Division

Vacant, Director

Instruction, Measurement & Administration Branch

Cheryl Cotton, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

Assessment Development & Administration Division

Mao Vang, Director

Curriculum Frameworks & Instructional Resources Division

Mike Torres, Director

Educator Excellence & Equity Division

Monique McWayne, Director

Office of Equal Opportunity

Randi Thompson, SSM II

State Special Schools & Services Division

Nancy Hlibok Amann, Director

Opportunities for All Branch

Sarah Neville-Morgan, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

Early Education Division

Stephen Propheter, Director

Expanded Learning Division

Michael Funk, Director

Multilingual Support Division

Alesha Moreno-Ramiez, Director

Nutrition Services Division

Kim Frinzell, Director

Special Education Division

Vacant, Director

Operations & Administration Branch

Abel Guillen, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

Fiscal & Administration Services Division

Leisa Maestretti, Director

School Facilities & Transportation Services Division

Juan Mireles, Director

School Fiscal Services Division

Elizabeth Dearstyne, Director

Human Resources Division

Chaunda Wilson, Director

Student Achievement Branch

Nancy Kim Portillo, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

Student Achievement & Support Division

William McGee, Director

Legal, Audits & Charters Branch

Len Garfinkel, General Counsel

Admin Support & Regulations Adoption

Lorie Adame, SSM I

Audits & Investigations Division

Alice Lee, Director

Legal Affairs I

Virginia Dunlap, Chief Counsel II

Legal Affairs II

Bruce Yonehiro, Chief Counsel I

Legal Affairs III

Vacant, Chief Counsel I

Charter Schools Division

Susan Park, Director

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, November 30, 2023
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