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Diploma Plus High Schools

A Diploma Plus high school is a special type of public school. These schools are small and are based on an alternative school model developed by a private corporation. They are designed to help students who have not been successful in regular high schools. These students may have dropped out of school or they may still be enrolled, but struggling, in a traditional high school.

Diploma Plus high schools must meet all state graduation requirements. Students who graduate from these schools earn a high school diploma. They also gain strong academic and life skills, work experience, and college credits.

The California Department of Education provides technical support for Diploma Plus high schools.

  • For more information about the nationwide Diploma Plus initiative, visit the Diploma Plus Web page.
  • The Diploma Plus High Schools - CalEdFacts page provides additional information about Diploma Plus high schools.
  • The links and information below were developed for educators and others who are directly involved with Diploma Plus high schools.

Diploma Plus high schools provide students with high academic standards and career development to support a meaningful vocational and academic future. Diploma Plus high schools are performance-driven high schools that serve students in two-to-four or more years of educational services.

Program Summary
Information on program purpose, services, outcomes, funding, students served, and results.

Diploma Plus High Schools - CalEdFacts
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Diploma Plus, Inc. partners with school districts and communities to develop innovative educational approaches and small secondary schools that provide rigorous and student-centered alternatives for youth.

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