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Technical Assistance and Guidance

State and federal FAQs and technical assistance links for SIG recipients.

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California Resources and Guidance

A Blueprint For Great Schools Version 2.0

Greatness by Design (PDF)
A report by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson's Task Force on Educator Excellence.

California Standards for the Teaching Profession External link opens in new window or tab. (PDF)

Teacher and Principal Evaluation Systems
CDE sources of information for districts, the general public, and interested parties who wish to learn more about Teacher and Principal Evaluation systems at the local, state, and national levels.

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Outside Resources

Guidance on School Improvement Grants External link opens in new window or tab. U.S. Department of Education for School Improvement Grant (SIG).
A technical assistance document that answers frequently asked questions. See the Guidance Section and select the most current SIG Guidance document.

Handbook on Effective Implementation (Office of School Turnaround External link opens in new window or tab.

The California Comprehensive Center (CA CC) at WestEd External link opens in new window or tab.
The CA CC collaborates with the CDE and other statewide networks of support to: (1) provide training and technical assistance in the implementation and administration of programs authorized under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA); and (2) support the use of research-based information and strategies in the following areas.

School Improvement Grant Webinar Resources External link opens in new window or tab.
Help for local educational agencies as they work on meeting the fiscal requirements of SIG and continue with school improvement efforts.

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Fiscal and Programmatic Revisions

Contact your assigned consultant to discuss the nature of the request and give the consultant notice you plan to submit a revision request. This allows time to discuss the proposed changes and provides an opportunity for the consultant to provide feedback about disallowable activities or programmatic changes that may not align with your approved implementation plan.

Please use the following criteria from the SIG Non-Regulatory Guidance External link opens in new window or tab. when trying to decide if an activity/expenditure is allowable.

SIG Non-Regulatory Guidance

  • Is the proposed purchase directly related to, as well as reasonable and necessary for, the full and effective implementation of the selected model, including whether it is directly related to and reasonable and necessary for, implementing activities required or permitted under the model;

  • Whether, through the needs assessment, the LEA identified a specific need or needs that can be addressed through the proposed activity;

  • Whether the proposed activity represents a meaningful change that could help improve student academic achievement from prior years;

  • Whether the specific proposed activity is supported by research indicating that, in fact, it will help improve academic achievement; and

  • Whether the proposed activity represents a significant reform that goes beyond the basic educational program of the school

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Budget Revision Requests

LEAs must submit a budget revision request and receive approval from the CDE prior to increasing or decreasing object code series totals or moving funds from an approved object code series to other object code series. SIGMART must contain accurate figures.  As such local, changes are currently not permitted.

LEAs retain the flexibility to move funds; however requests will only be approved if the new use for the funds is directly related to implementation of one of the model components of the selected school intervention model, and the revision does not compromise the LEAs ability to implement any required element of the selected model(s). Revision requests will only be considered if the change targets the same need(s), or the LEA can demonstrate that the need(s) targeted by the funds is already being met.

Submitting a budget revision is a three part process.

  • Prepare a document explaining the details of the revision request. Make sure that the criteria listed above are fully addressed.

  • Revise the hard copy Budget Narrative Form and send it via e-mail to the School Turnaround Office at Use the last approved budget narrative, striking through, rather than deleting, the old figures and activities and inserting the new figures and activities. All changes to the narrative must be highlighted.

  • Once your budget revision request has been reviewed and assuming there are no issues which require further information or clarification, the fiscal analyst will revise the appropriate budgets in SIGMART and the assigned consultant will make a final determination online.

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Programmatic Revision Requests

Prepare a document explaining the details of the revision request and revise the appropriate SIG Implementation Chart to reflect which activities will be added or removed. Submit the details of the revision request and the revised SIG Implementation Chart to the assigned consultant. If the programmatic revision also results in a budget revision, please follow the budget revision process shown above.

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More about School Improvement Grant (SIG)

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