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PADC Certification References

A list of the main statutes and regulations applicable to the data reporting in the Principal Apportionment Data Collection (PADC).

The California Education Code, the California Code of Regulations, and other statutes, specify the conditions and requirements for a local educational agency (LEA) to receive funding from the Principal Apportionment. Funding is based on the data reported via the PADC.

To assist the LEAs with reporting and certifying data, the School Fiscal Services Division maintains the following list of statutes beginning with the 2021–22 fiscal year. The list is intended to provide only the most salient references which are applicable to the majority of LEAs reporting data. This list is not a comprehensive list of statutes governing LEAs and does not cover every specific circumstance encountered by the LEAs. Awareness of and compliance with specific statutes is the LEAs’ responsibility; each LEA should consult with its legal counsel as appropriate.

In addition to applicable statutes and regulations, specific instructions for data reporting in the PADC are contained in the User Manuals located within the PADC web page. The California Education Audit Appeals PanelExternal link opens in new window or tab. publishes an annual Audit Guide that describes standards for compliance with education funding requirements.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, June 20, 2024
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