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SBE News Release for May 13, 2022

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For Immediate Release

May 13, 2022


Janet Weeks, Director of Communications

State Board of Education President Darling-Hammond Issues Statement on Governor Newsom’s May Budget Revision

SACRAMENTO -- State Board of Education President Linda Darling-Hammond issued the following statement today on Governor Newsom’s May Budget Revision:

“California’s education community has done a tremendous job in a challenging year to ensure our schools are the healthy, happy and inclusive places of deep learning that our students and families need and deserve. Governor Newsom’s May budget proposal honors that work and builds on it with the highest level of per-pupil funding in our state’s history. His plan not only includes strategies to stabilize and support all schools in recovering from the challenges of COVID-19, but importantly provides crucial funds to accelerate local efforts necessary to support those most affected by the pandemic and its ancillary impacts on society. This proposal adds more student learning time to the school day, helps create or support community schools rich in resources, helps to improve child nutrition, acts to address the teacher shortage and expands pre-kindergarten programs aimed at ending the cycle of ‘start behind, stay behind.’

“These are the right investments at the right time, and are crucial to implementation of the California for All Kids plan, which is designed to target inequities in educational outcomes among students from different demographic backgrounds and empower parents and families with more options and more services.

“I am proud to share the Governor’s values which are manifest in this proposal and look forward to the Legislature passing a final budget package in June that prioritizes students and families.”

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, March 14, 2023
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