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September 11th Books

Compiled by a California Department of Education school library consultant, these publications are recommended fiction and nonfiction titles appropriate for children and young adults.

9-11: Artists Respond, Volume 1. Various Artists. Dark Horse Comics. 2002
In graphic novel style, a variety of writers and illustrators respond to the tragedy.

9-11: The Book of Help. Michael Cart, Marc Aronson and Marianne Carus, Editors. Cricket Books. 2002
Collection of essays, poems, short fiction, and drawings created by authors and illustrators of books for young adults in response to terrorist attacks.

9-11 Emergency Relief. Jeff Mason, Ed. Alternative Press. 2002
Collection of comic strips by various cartoonists portraying events following terrorist attacks.

9.11.01: Terrorists Attack the U.S. Patrick Lalley. Raintree Steck-Vaughn. 2002
Presents explanation of terrorist attacks and background that led to the events. Illustrated with photographs.

After September 11: New York and the World. The Staff of Reuters. Reuters, Prentice Hall. 2002
Reuters correspondents, photographers and graphic artists chronicle events after the attacks-- the impact on New York City, on the nation and effects around the world.

Chief: The Life of Peter J. Ganci, a New York City Firefighter. Chris Ganci. Orchard Books. 2003
The son of the highest-ranking member of the New York City Fire Department to die on September 11 chronicles the life and last brave moments of his father with affection and pride.

The Day the Sky Fell: The History of Terrorism. Milton Meltzer. Random House. 2002
Terrorism and its practitioners are placed into historical context with a new chapter on the events of September 11.

The Day Our World Changed: Children's Art of 9/11. Robert F. Goodman & Andrea Henderson Fahnestock. Henry N. Abrams. 2002
The New York University Child Study Center and the Museum of the City of New York present children's artwork created in response to tragedy. Works by children 5-18 years old, all from the New York area, were selected.

Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey. Maira Kalman. Putnam. 2002
A fireboat, launched in 1931, is retired after many years of fighting fires along the Hudson River, but is saved from being scrapped and then called into service again on September 11, 2001.

A Nation Challenged: A Visual History of 9/11 and Its Aftermath: Young Readers' Edition. Mitchel Levitas, Nenacy Lee, Lonnie Schlein, Editor. Scholastic. 2002
This age-appropriate record of the events is adapted from the stories that ran in the New York Times. Illustrated with Pulitzer Prize-winning photos.

On that Day. Andrea Patel. Tricycle Press. 2002
Author tells young readers in this picture book that sometimes bad things happen because people act in mean ways and hurt each other on purpose.

Osama bin Laden: A War Against the West. Elaine Landua. Twenty First Century Books. 2002
Presents biographical information about militant Islamic leader Osama bin Laden, including his role in international terrorism and the beliefs that fuel his actions.

September 11, 2001: Attack on New York City. Wilborn Hampton. Candlewick Press 2003
A riveting account of the personal stories of several New Yorkers who lived through the collapse of the World Trade Center.

September 11, 2001: The Day that Changed America (War on Terrorism). Jill C. Wheeler. Abdo & Daughter. 2002
Overview of the terrorist attack presented in a matter-of-fact way with color photographs that support the text. Organizations accepting donations for victims and their families are introduced.

September 11: An Oral History. Dean E. Murphy. Doubleday. 2002
Collection of first-person accounts of people working in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as well as rescue workers and eyewitnesses.

Terrorism: Opposing Viewpoints. Laura K. Egendorf. Greenhaven. 2000
Presents opposing viewpoints on the subject of terrorism-- causes, justification, sponsors, and elimination.

With Their Eyes: September 11, The View from a High School at Ground Zero. Annie Thoms, Taresh Batra, Editors. Harper Collins. 2002

Women at Ground Zero: Stories of Courage and Compassion. Susan Hagen, Mary Carouba. Alpha Books. 2002

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